The problem of tea.

You are very welcome to visit the “Yu shun tea website”, in order to allow you to buy the various products and information of this website,

We herely explain to you the products of this website in order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following in detail:

The boss himself is a tea farmer.
Owns Taiwan’s agricultural products retroactively.
Chen Jin and traceability code 1101003763.
ChenXianBin traceability code 1101000810.
Yushun owns two sources of Alishan Tea District and Songbai Changqing Tea District, and has its own tea garden for its own sale.
Rest assured! The tea we sell is guaranteed to be pure Taiwanese alpine tea, no mixed imported tea, you can rest assured.
Yushun sold tea, each season of tea will be sent to test, but also all in line with Taiwan’s inspection standards, you can definitely put a hundred hearts, peace of mind to drink.
The goods sold in our shop have a 7-day appreciation period, 7 days you drink tea is not satisfied, the remaining unsealed complete goods can be returned for exchange or tea products have any defects (e.g. tea packaging vacuum)
You are welcome to contactdirectly (0912-385765)to help you with your follow-up. We will resert and refund your payment within 3 days of receiving the returned exchange.
However, there are a few precautions, please be sure to know:
1. Return and exchange need to maintain the integrity of the goods, has been opened tea, can not handle the return exchange.
2. If it is due to the quality of goods, the freight generated by return and exchange is borne by the shop. However, in addition to the return and exchange of goods need to ask your guests to bear the cost of goods round-trip.
3. We accept returns and exchanges within 7 days, if beyond the time limit can not be processed.