Payment information.

1.VISA. Master Card swipes online.
2. Union-Pay (Continental)
3.Pay Pal Online Swipe (European and American)
4. Super-merchant pick-up payment (not supported on outer islands)
5. Online ATM remittance transfer.
6. The house is in a hurry to pay for the goods.
7. Taiwan account money transfer.
Household name: Chen Weibin.
Bank: Cathay World (013) Nan investment branch.
Account number: 108506268813.

Send information.

The way the house is matched.

Home emergency delivery: 3 p.m. to complete the order and payment.

Ship immediately from Monday to Friday and receive items the next day.

(Excluding holiday orders, outer islands)


Supersert pick-up payment.

Supersert pick-up payment:

Orders are placed by 7 p.m. on the same day, and 2 to 3 working days arrive at designated hypersectors (excluding holiday orders, non-support areas on the outer islands)

P.S. Oversecond Pick-up Restrictions:

Match tea order.

The total weight of ordering less than 4 boxes must not exceed 5 kg.

The competition tea sold by Yushun Tea is certified and sealed.

Once unsealed or damaged, can not be returned Oh!

Based on the food hygiene law, the general tea can be unsealed, unpaced cans can not be returned.

Unopened tea if there is a demand for return and exchange, only by the buyer to bear the cost of a single trip to the product, and within 7 days after receipt, overdue can not be accepted.

When you receive the item, if you have any questions please ask first, avoid unsealing and can not return the exchange.

1. International Packages:

About 10 to 12 working days after the completion of the order, depending on weather and other uncertainties, can not accurately predict delivery time.

(1) Shunfeng Express: a single weight limit of 3KG, can be sent in batches. About 3 working days after the completion of the order delivery, logistics costs by the distribution staff to the purchaser.
(2) Small three-way: suitable for shopping more people, freight costs are more economical and cost-effective. Base weight 20KG, every Wednesday and Saturday there are boat shifts, delivery time of about 7 working days (in the event of special holidays, delivery time will be extended)