Brand Persistence

Taste the fragrance, taste smooth and mellow, Ming Shun upholds the principle of “integrity first, quality first” and makes friends with tea. The tea fragrance, taste alcohol, Ming Shun uphold the “integrity first, quality first” principle to the friends of tea, affinity. Ming Shun farming for generations, engaged in tea sales, step by step, the development so far, Ming Shun during this self requirements and improve tea, exquisite and superior talent showing itself, in the previous tea evaluation contest, and won several industry awards “special award” recognition, Ming Shun tea products,tea garden management, from tea,tea process, selection of the stringent requirements, more research, exclusive baking technology, so the company by constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, hot and cold, baked high-tech research quality, exquisite taste and rich aroma, sweet rhyme feet, unique flavor, rich and pleasant, make you drink after the aftertaste is sweet, but the best tea Shun, deeply consumer good ratings, Ming Shun hope to share with you