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Tai Tea No.18 – Red Jade.


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Variety: Taiwan tea 18 – red jade.
Baking fire: No roasting fire.
Fermentation: Full fermentation.
Weight: 75g.
Term of preservation: 3 years.

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Sun Moon Lake Black Tea
During the Japanese rule period, the introduction of large leaf species Assam black tea from India, found that the fish pond of the day and moon pond, regardless of climatic conditions and geographical environment are very suitable for the growth of large leaf black tea.
Sun Moon Lake black tea by Taiwan tea market accumulated nearly 60 years of improved technology, its aroma and taste was identified as having the level of top Ceylon, Assam black tea. Early Japanese sent Taiwanese-grown black tea to the London tea auction market, which was highly regarded and regarded as a royal tribute to the Emperor of Japan.

Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea (Taiwan Tea No. 18)
Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea TTES No.18.
Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea belongs to the large leaf species of black tea, combined with strong Taiwan wild tea tree and thick Burmese large leaf species developed, leaf shape is a rope-shaped, tea soup clear bright red, taste sweet and strong alcohol, with natural cinnamon and mint aroma, the ultimate color fragrance is comparable to the origin of large leaf red tea in India and Sri Lanka’s top black tea.

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