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Mt. Ali Chu-lu tea


Product specifications
Production area: Alishan stone table.
Weight: 150g x 4 pack (vacuum bag)
Fermentation: Light
Degree of roasting fire: None
Manufactured: 2020/April



-Golden tea is commonly known as 27, the variety name is Taiwan tea 12, the leaf type is round fat bold, the leaf edge tooth sequence is large and fresh, the tea dry color green and with luster. This variety of the most unique aroma performance is in the brewing out of the faint milk fragrance and hazelnut flower fragrance, tea soup golden honey green, taste pure and smooth. Because the performance is more elegant, widely loved.

Qing heart oolong is the most familiar tea varieties, leaf-type fat holding long, leaf-side tooth sequence is small. Tea dry tight and well-balanced hem- type, bright ink green with oil, but also the most widely distributed tea varieties. Tea soup golden bright, fragrant and elegant, fragrant and not tired of repeated aftertaste, cold tea fragrance is still in, drink the bottom of the cup, taste mellow and sleek, without bitterness, the entrance is rich in activity, into the throat charm back endless.

Alishan Zhulu tea is the most well-known, can be said to be the “green gold” of the people of Zhuzaki, and this tea is produced in the Shi棹shu tea area of the mountain foothills of The mountain village of Alishan, the tea garden planting area of about 400 hectares, distributed at an altitude of about 1,200 to 1,700 meters, the main varieties of cultivation to oolong tea and golden tea mainly, because of the tea made, rich aroma, taste glycol, popular tea.

In 75 years, the Republic of China was nominated by then Vice President Xie Dongxuan for Alishan Zhulu, and the tea production and marketing class completed trademark registration, graded packaging and list price.

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