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Huagang -Lishan Tea.


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Product: Oolong tea.
Roast fire: None.
Sea pull: 2300-2500 meters.
Weight: 75g x 8 packs/600g.
Manufactured: 2020/05.
Term of preservation: 2 years.

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Huagang Tea District is located in Ren ai Township, Nantso County, about 2300 to 2500 meters above sea level, year-on-year in a low-temperature environment, slow growth of tea, is the best quality environment for the breeding of tea trees. Harvest twice a year, the leaves are large and fat, the tea is soft, and the back is strong. Hand-picked two-leaf kneading into a hemisic shape, thick leaves, high pol gum content, tea-colored honey-green through yellow, excellent quality, worth a fine taste.

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