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Dayuling Oolong Tea


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Product: Oolong tea.
Roast fire: None.
Altitude: 2200-2400 meters
Weight: 75 g x 8 packs /
Manufactured: 2020/05.
Term of preservation: 2 years.

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Located at the junction of Taichung, Nantong and Hualien, between Hehuanshan and Pear Mountain, at an altitude of about 2500 to 2600 meters, the tea area is in Ren ai Township, Nantso County, between 97 km and 105 km of Zhongyang Highway, is Taiwan’s highest tea area, 10 0 kilometers below the altitude of about 2200 to 2400 meters, the average annual temperature is not more than 20 degrees, the mountain severe climate cold, slow growth of tea, the bitterness of tea reduced, tea meat thick, unique charm, not bitter, is the characteristics of Daling tea.

In the environment and climate has innational advantages, the quality of tea is good, but in recent years by the influence of weather, in order to maintain soil and water, part of the tea area was recovered, so the yield is reduced, a year’s harvest period only in spring and winter two seasons, the unique taste makes it worth a lot, there is a mountain tea king.

High mountains day and night temperature difference, planted many crops, good quality of production, under the cultivation of the earth, tea trees absorb the surrounding fruit fragrance gradually thrive, will be artificially harvested teapots for withering, waves, killing, kneading and other steps, kneading into green Green heme-shaped, aroma tightly wrapped in it, the use of light fermentation, non-roasting fire production techniques to highlight the characteristics of alpine tea, drink the bottom of the cup to retain incense, is a bubble of fragrant back to sweet tea, like tea you must not miss.

What taste is unforgettable, and what taste people can not help but slow down, the original is from the Otsuka Ling oolong tea, leaves in the teapot completely stretch, golden tea soup clear and bright, the natural aroma of the long-lasting, Buddha in the mountains. This cup of tea out of the tea fragrance makes people relax, the mouth feel the sweet tea soup, in the visual is a great enjoyment, all the color fragrance, by the tea friends love.

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