In order to encourage tea farmers to produce safe, high quality and healthy tea products and to promote the health benefits of drinking tea, the Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture has held the “National Quality Tea Competition” every year since 1993, which has been well received by tea farmers and consumers, and has helped promote the art of tea and the interests of tea farmers. This year (95), under the eager expectation of the people of Taiwan, the “National Quality Tea Competition” will be held again, hoping that through the group competition, the industrial culture and tea characteristics of Taiwan’s tea region will be fully displayed, and that through the joint efforts of tea farmers, tea factories and people from all walks of life, consumers will be able to enjoy Taiwan’s good tea, and the domestic tea industry will be encouraged to establish its brand and expand domestic and foreign markets, so that Taiwan’s tea will become the world’s top tea.

          Deputy Director Li pointed out in his speech at the 2006 National Spring Quality Tea Evaluation Conference that tea is an important high-yielding crop in China, and in recent years, through the continuous efforts of local agricultural authorities, farmers’ groups and tea farmers, quality teas from around the world are becoming more and more sophisticated, such as Wenshan bag tea, frozen top oolong tea, pine and cypress oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea, Oriental Beauty tea, etc., each with their own characteristics and loved by consumers. . 

          In addition to encouraging tea farmers to refine their tea-making techniques and continue to create the best Taiwanese teas in the world in order to enhance the competitiveness and popularity of Taiwan’s teas in the international market, the Council’s main objective is to encourage tea farmers to strengthen the management of their tea gardens, attach importance to tea-making techniques, and encourage regions to produce safe, high-quality specialty teas that can be operated sustainably for a certain period of time. This will create new glories for Taiwan’s tea exports and opportunities for the development of the tea industry.

Source: Agricultural Committee of the Administrative Council.