In the 2018 Great Alishan Mountain Spring Fine Tea Competition, there were 1010 points for the Oolong Group and 748 points for the Jinxuan Group. On the 9th, the evaluation work was carried out in the new financial building of the Meishan Rural Association. The time is strictly screened, and the Grand Prize, Champion Prize and each graded award will be announced at 3 pm on the 15th. The Qingxin Oolong Tea Group-the special prize was awarded by Mr. Ye Jincheng, and the Jinxuan Tea Group-the special prize was awarded by Ms. Huang Shuqing. The award presentation and exhibition will be held at the Meishan Park parking lot at 10 am on the 27th.

          Meishan Township Farmers’ Association hosted the Great Alishan 

          Mountain Spring and Winter Excellent Tea Appraisal Competition. It was sponsored by the Chiayi County Government and commissioned by the Meishan Township Farmers’ Association. In 107 Spring Qingxin Oolong Tea Group and Jinxuan Tea Group totaled 1,758 points (Tea Like 22 jin per point). 

          The evaluation process was conducted by a 12-person preliminary review team, Lin Jinchi, head of the tea reform farm industry service section of the Council of Agriculture, Guo Kuanfu, former head of the Yuchi branch, and Yang Shengxun, head of the promotion section of the tea industry improvement farm of the Council of Agriculture, to complete the preliminary review, review, and other evaluations. Jian work. The tea from the Meishan Township Farmers’ Association this year’s spring tea competition was sent to the Agriculture and Food Administration and the Chiayi County Government’s Agricultural Department for pesticide residue testing, and all of them met the standard values set by the government health agency.

          Yan Tongmao, secretary of the Meishan Rural Association, pointed out that in 107, the Alishan high mountain spring tea has been screened and evaluated by the first trial team over the past few days. The number of spring tea paid in 107 has increased slightly, which is more than 400 points more than the total number of spring teas last year. The climate is suitable. There are many green tea pickers in various areas of Meishan Township, which is helpful to tea farmers. The Meishan Agricultural Association has always been actively guiding the tea industry and gradually reducing the confidence of tea farmers in packaging. It has been known as a champion tea .

          Lin Jinchi, Director of Industrial Services Section of the Tea Plant Reform of the Council of Agriculture, said that the results of this spring tea review were generally excellent, slightly better than most of the spring tea last year. Because the weather during the tea making period this year is good, the relative tea making conditions should be better. 

          There is room for diligence, but in the process of tea appraisal, it is found that a few are green. Section Chief Lin pointed out that this year’s spring tea production period was concentrated in April. During tea production, the sun was moderate and the temperature rose, but some of the tea production was slightly insufficient with sunlight, which obviously affected the quality of tea. He called on tea farmers to wither and ferment in the tea production process. The temperature and humidity of roasted tea must be properly controlled to improve the quality of tea.

          Winners of the 107th Spring Competition: Green Heart Oolong Tea Group – Grand Prize: Ye Jincheng from Ruili Village, Meishan Township. Champion Yeh Weichen, Chen Musheng, Zhang Xiaohua and three others. First Prize: 27 winners, including Wu Ming Han. Gold Prize – 86 winners, including Chen Mingsheng. Excellent Prize Three Plums Chen Zhenshan and 279 others. Excellent Prize Ye Yongan and 186 others. 42.4% of the total number of points were not entered.

          Golden Xuan Tea-Grand Prize Miss Huang Shuqing, Ruili Village, Meishan Town. There are three winners including Chen Xinwei, Huang Xuzheng and Chen Yicong. First prize Wang Hongcheng and other 19 people. The gold medal Qiu Hongren and other 59 people. 59 winners including Meiqiuhongren for Excellence Award. Mr. Wang Wenxiong, the highest prize; 122 winners. Non-finalists accounted for 52.4% of the total.The above list will be published on the website of Meishan Township Farmers Association. please check it out online.