The results of the 2017 Nantou County Commissioner’s Grand Prize Tea Competition were announced, with the Grand Prize in the Clear Fragrance Category won by Huang Ming Village; the Grand Prize in the Ripe Fragrance Category was won by Chen Huangbin. County Mayor Lin Ming Chien said that in order to stop imported tea from being mixed for the competition, he will study countermeasures and will permanently disqualify the participants if found.

          The Nantou County Governor’s Premium Tea Competition was re-evaluated at the Lugou Tea Improvement Farm on the 18th, with County Governor Lin Ming Chien personally supervising the competition, and the elimination rate of tea samples was nearly 50%, showing the county government’s determination to ensure the brand and quality of “County Governor’s Premium Tea”.

          The county magistrate’s special class tea competition is dominated by Qingxin Oolong tea, which distinguishes two groups of fragrant and ripe flavours according to the baking temperature. There are 120 fragrant fragrant contests, with an elimination rate of 48.333%; 116 ripe fragrants have participated in the elimination rate. Is 49.138%. After the review, County Mayor Lin Mingqin personally announced the winners. The winners of the special prize in the fragrance group are Huang Mingcun; the first prizes are Huang Mingjiang, Huang Mingcun and Xie Wangshan. Chen Huangbin, winner of the special prize in the cooked incense category; first prize Ye Zhenwei, Lai Shiyong, and Jiang Caizhen.

          Lim Ming Chien said that this year, although the number of pieces of county chiefs to participate in the Grand Tea Competition is less than last year, but the quality is better than last year can be said to be excellence. County Agriculture Association Director General Tsang Ming-sui also said that this year’s entry is less than last year’s tea samples, the judges believe that more sophisticated than last year.

          As imported tea mixed with local tea to participate in the tea area competition, was recently detected, affecting credibility. County Governor Lin Ming-yu said that the county special tea competition will study the response to the countermeasures, once seized will be permanently disqualified.

Source: Nanting County Government.